Tipping Your Moving Crew

Tipping Movers! It’s The Polite Thing To Do

tipping movers

Tipping Movers???  How much should you tip???

It’s a largely asked question in our industry.  The most common answer we found was a minimum of 10% – 15% of labor costs depending on the size of the move. We went straight to the source and asked our team what they thought was fair. What they said “whatever the customer is comfortable with”.

Because movers are entrusted with your personal possessions and do most of the heavy lifting and hard work while you sit back and relax, you may feel obligated to reward them.  Our movers don’t expect a tip and won’t stand in front of you with an outstretched hand and a glare if you decide not to tip them.  However, If you are happy with the services provided please feel free to show them your gratitude.

 Tipping movers should not add to the stress or financial burden of  your move.

Iron Mans experienced movers know how burdensome moving costs can be and are grateful for whatever you feel is appropriate for their work. They said, “Receiving a tip is the extra thank you for a hard job well done.”

Feel free to tip as you would with any personal service provided (such as hair cutter, food waitress, masseuse etc.).  Remember if you think your movers deserve a tip any amount is acceptable. Tipping movers is the pat on the back for them breaking their back for you.  Also, if you decide to tip, you should divide the tip equally between your movers.

A tip from the Owners:  If you are tipping movers please DO NOT tip with alcohol.  Alcohol is not permitted in commercial vehicles.  Not to mention drinking and driving is against the law.  It is also against our company’s policy and can result in employee termination. So please do not offer alcohol as a tip.