How To Prepare For Your Move

How To Prepare For You Move

Here are a few guidelines to follow when you are preparing for you move.  These tips will not only help you save some time on your move clock but also decrease the chances of your belongings getting damaged in transit.


Packing Boxes:

  • Don’t over pack your boxes!! Heavy and overfilled boxes can possibly cause damage to your possessions.
  • Use packing paper of newspaper in boxes that are not completely full. This will help support the box when other boxes are stacked on top of it.
  • When packing your kitchen goods and Bathroom supplies we recommend using small boxes. Groceries and toiletries add pounds quickly.  This will help avoid over packing.
  • Any boxes with fragile items in them such as crystal, china or dishes movers will appreciate if you label them FRAGILE. This will let them know to handle them with extra care and avoid stacking other heavy boxes on top of them.
  • When packing your dishes or china stand them upright rather than laying them flat. They are more fragile when lying flat making them more vulnerable to damages.
  • Unfortunately Florida moving companies can not legally transport chemicals or flammable liquids in there trucks. Pleas Label any boxes that contain these items and place them aside for you to relocate them in your personal vehicle.
  • Place all your boxes closest to your front door or garage. This will make loading the truck easier and quicker.


Minimizing Damages:

  • Remove breakable items from dresser drawers and vanities
  • Empty dressers drawers, desks, filing cabinets, tool boxes etc. The added weight can be a factor in damages to the piece of furniture.
  • Transport medications, money, stocks/ bonds/ guns/bullets and jewelry yourself.
  • Keep pathways and walkways clear of clutter, debris, children and pets to ensure safe movement of your possessions and injury to a loved one.
  • Have an idea of where you would like your possessions placed at your new location. This will help take time of your move clock.

The more prepared you are the smoother your relocation will go.